People’s Baptist Church is represented on the board of the following ministries.

Below is a listing of our missionaries and organizations that People’s Baptist Church supports. Please continue to keep our missionaries in prayer.



Mission Field

Mission Board

Raymond & Leila Abou-Mekhael Lebanon IPM
Ken and Sarah Beckley Benin, West Africa Faith Baptist Mission
Linda Bennett (retired) Israel BWMOM
Roger and Mary Bergman Spain WWNTBM
Arlene Blood (retired) Alaska, USA Baptist Mid-Missions
Andy and Mimi Bonikowsky Spain WWNTBM
Jeremy and Caroline Dion Papua, New Guinea GFA
Rick and Becky Enterline Representative for Grace Dental & Medical Missions Grace Dental & Medical Missions
Matias and Kristine Espinel Uruguay EMU International
Phil and Mila Kamibayashiyama Philippines GFA
Fredrick and Antoinette Kearney Ghana, West Africa BIMI
Steven King (retired) Ivory Coast Baptist Mid-Missions
Sam and Penny Sue Laterza Asia GFA
Tom and Penny Latham Brazil Baptist World Mission
Troy & Oksana Manning Bible Translation Bibles International
Phil and Debbie Melton Japan IBM Global
Allen and Marion Mercer South Africa WWNTBM
Seth and Cecilia Mohenu Ghana, West Africa IPM
Ben and Marie Muldoon Deaf in Romania Silent Word Ministries International
Scott and Marilee Norman Worldwide Furlough Replacement WWNTBM
Ed and Barbara O’Brien Hispanic Church Planting in USA BIMI
Frank and Lorraine Parry (retired) Hispanic Church Planting in USA IBM Global
Sandra Reiss (retired) Missionaries to the Jews Worldwide BWMOM
Ferdinand and Gloria Reynon Philippines Tabernacle Baptist Mission Agency
Bob and Diana Rutta New Zealand BIMI
Matt & Amanda Smith Colombia Baptist World Missions
David & Emily Stephens Africa IBM Global
John & Lena Stover Germany Baptist World Mission
Alexander Tingbani Ghana Baptist World Mission
Bruce Tuttle Republic of Georgia BIEM
Tom and Donna Wolfe IPM Educator Abroad Baptist Mid-Missions
Warren and Lara Vergiels Brazil IPM
Rapidan Baptist Camp USA
Shepherds College USA
South India Baptist Bible College & Seminary India IPM